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ZoneX All White Nicotine Pouches (Pack of 24)

ZoneX All White Nicotine Pouches (Pack of 24) - [£7.90] Free Delivery
Tobacco Free Snus
6mg or 10mg
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This innovative product has very much been unheard of in the UK marking as a smoking alternative product until now. ZoneX is not only a smoke-free product but also tobacco-free. Rather than using tobacco derived products for nicotine such as e-liquids, heated tobacco (smokeless tobacco/heat not burn) ZoneX is a 'snus' style product that offers a great kick of nicotine, available to use wherever you are.

Available in two different strengths, 6mg or 10mg of nicotine in each pouch with a fresh mint flavour. Each tub contains 24 pouches within. Even a 6mg pouch can offer an intense nicotine rush in as little as 5 minutes.

Less than 33p per Pouch/Sachet

What is snus?
Snus is a relatively new concept as a smoking alternative which doesn't include vaping. This smokeless-tobacco product is manufactured using the process of pasteurisation which does not contain tobacco. Instead, it is comprised of alternative plant fibres to which the nicotine salt is applied.

Snus is consumed by placing the sachet under the top lip, which delivers the nicotine orally and within 20 minutes. Depending on the strength and body type, the effects can usually be noticeable within 5-10 minutes.

What is ZoneX?
ZoneX has been developed by the UK's largest tobacco company Imperial Tobacco - the inventors of BLU (As well as cigarette brands: Golden Virginia, Labert & Butler, JPS, Rizla, etc.). They released their pioneering new smokless product back in May 2018 in Scandinavia and has had back an extremely positive feedback. This was launched untder the brand Skruf Super White which is virtually identical to the UK's snus version - ZoneX. Snus has become a more popular smoking alternative in Sweden than vaping is - this gives us an example as to how much potential this smoke-free snus product can have to help quit smoking cigarettes.

Buy Zone X Nicotine Pouches with free UK delivery - just add 2 or more packs to your shopping basket for free delivery.

Key Features
  • Orally absorbed through the gums - not lungs
  • Full absorbed within 20 minutes
  • Fresh spearmint & mint flavour
  • Enjoy it anywhere you are
  • Available in Medium 6mg or Strong 10mg pouches
How to use ZoneX
Even as a novice to 'Snus', having never used a nicotine-pouch before, ZoneX Fresh White couldn't be easier. Just place a pouch beneath your top lip (between the lip and the gum) so it rest comfortable and discreetly against the gum. A slightly tingly sensation let you know you're ready for action. Now carry on with your day and enjoy the minty fresh buzz. After 20 minutes, you should have absorbed all of the nicotine within and already be feeling it. Just remove the pouch and throw it away.

The tub has a top compartment to store used pouches, should you not have a bin nearby. We wouldn't recommend using more than 8 a day as they can be quite intense. Obviously, this is just a guideline and may differ from person to person. You know you're own body, we'll leave it down to you. You will know when it's time to say "No, I've had my quota for a little while".

Warning: Do not swallow or chew the pouch

ZoneX - How to use.
Ubervape UK are an official UK stockist of Zone X and other Imperial Brands/Imperial Tobacco products.

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5 Stars
Matt Bradley-Holymoorside

Ordered at 3pm yesterday and came this morning! Weird stuff, I like it through. It's actually made me not want to pick up my vape.

5 Stars
Lucas M.-Södertälje

This product is the same as Skruf Super White in my country, I usually have to take it with me to UK which can be awkward in the airport. Glad to get it delivered to my girlfriend in London.