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VGOD STIG (7 Products)

Lets Go Back To Disposables!
The future of vaping is here with this Ubervape favourite... a cutting-edge disposable pod device! Equivalent to a 20 pack of cigarettes, all in one, fully charge and ready to vape. Simply crack the seal, vape away and throw away when youre done. Extremely easy to use, can be utilised by all kinds of vapers. No need to worry about pressing any buttons, charging, refilling or priming.
"The STIG by VGOD is perfect for nights out, travelling and discreet vaping."

Why It's an Ubervape UK Favourite
At the Ubervape HQ, we all have stubborn friends & family whom we have tried to ditch the cigarettes and move to vaping with continuous failure. The STIG has shown an overwhelming popularity to the stubborn smokers, this is why we are keen to get behind this brand with as much support as we can!