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Ploom-X Advanced Starter Kit + 60 EVO Sticks Promo

Ploom X Advanced Starter Kit + 60 EVO Sticks FREE

New Advanced Version

3 Colours Avaialble

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The New Ploom-X Starter Kit

Introducing the Ploom X Advanced, a brand new and innovative heated tobacco device, improving on the previous Ploom S, that is bound to impress. The Ploom X Advanced has expanded on Ploom's incredible HeatFlow™ technology with the new unique flavours of their EVO tobacco sticks with ActivBlend™, all in a sleek and compact design that's both simple to use and maintain. Tests have shown that Ploom X Advanced has an average 95% reduction in the ingredients recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for reduction in cigarette smoke.

These tests were regarding the comparison of 9 harmful ingredients, recommended for reduction by the WHO in cigarette smoke, measured in the smoke of a regular cigarette versus the vapour from Ploom X.

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Ploom has previously taken the market by storm thanks to their trademark HeatFlow technology which has only been improved on with the Ploom X Advanced. Inside each device there is a Ribbed Heating Chamber that heats the EVO stick from the outside. This ensures you get an enjoyable heated tobacco experience without any smoke, residual smell and minimises cleaning. The device is simplistic and intuitive, offering two separate heating modes so you can customise the Ploom to your taste. With the ground-breaking technology paired with the stylish design that fits comfortably in your hand and a large internal battery meaning you can enjoy up to 22 EVO sticks on a single charge.

Available In 3 Colours
The Ploom X Advanced device has been crafted to perfection, offering a stunningly sleek and compact kit offering a simplistic design that is not only good looking but comfortable to hold and use. It comes available in Black, Gold & Navy. Also offering customisation options as the Ploom X has a unique feature in that it offers a wide array of coloured clip on cases (sold separately) to ensure your Ploom X matches your exact taste

What's new with Ploom X Advanced
The new Advanced version of the Ploom X has very similar funstions to the Ploom X in that it heats the tobacco without burning (combustion), this is done with their patented HeatFlow technology which keeps the maximum flavour constent throughout. However, the Ploom X Adavanced now has an improved heat of 320°C for a denser vapour & richer flavour.

With a significantly improved fast-charging feature you can go from completely dead to fully charged in under 90 minutes.

EVO Tobacco Sticks
Ploom offers an authentic tobacco taste experience with their selection EVO tobacco sticks that contain ActivBlend™, the first heated tobacco blend with two uniquely different cuts of quality tobacco, ground and fine-cut, for a smooth and crisp flavour.   Available in four unique choices;

  • Bronze - A Smooth and rich bronze tobacco with low intensity and an abundance of flavour
  • Amber - A well rounded earthy tobacco with a medium intensity and smooth flavour
  • Green  - A classic golden tobacco infused with crisp and cool menthol for a refreshing twist
  • Green Option - Green Evo Sticks with a spearmint flavour capsule that can be 'clicked' to release the flavour
  • Purple - A truly unique flavour of high intensity tobacco smoothed out with a crisp menthol and berry infusion
  • Purple Option - Purple Evo Sticks with a berry flavour capsule that can be 'clicked' to release the flavour
  • Ruby - A crisp apple with mint flavour and aromatic fruity notes with a long lasting cooling sensation.
  • Magenta - Smooth and sweet tobacco with refreshing notes of grapes and menthol
  • Baize Option - A rich classic tobacco flavour with a clickable sweet pear flavour capsule 
  • Gold - A well rounded selection of rich and smooth tobacco blended together for the perfect middle ground
  • Azure - unique and refreshing choice of rich and smooth tobacco blended into subtly cool menthol twist.

EVO tobacco sticks are created solely for heating, not burning, and are brought to you by the industry tobacco experts at EVO, ensuring a top quality product and vaping experience every time. Each refill pack of Ploom Evo Sticks contains 20 tobacco sticks, all with standard filter size. 

Evo Stick Heated Tobacco Ploom

Starter Bundle
The Ploom X Advanced Starter Bundle in available now for only £19, this includes the brand new Ploom X Kit alongside 60 EVO Sticks (3 Packs) giving you a wide option of flavours to choose from

This Bundle Includes;

  • 1 x Ploom X Advanced Device 
  • 1 x USB Type-C Cable 
  • 1 x AC Adaptor
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 3 x Pack of EVO Sticks (Choice Of Flavour)

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